Workshops for seniors

Workshops for seniors

Staring from 12 June 2019, the Medical University od Lodz conducts workshops for seniors as a part of the CitizenAct project. During the workshops, seniors not only  acquire knowledge and skills in operating mobile applications dedicated to health, but also deepen their knowledge about taking care about their own health. Each workshop is conducted by 2-3 trainers – IT specialists and often an expert who additionally supplements the workshop with professional knowledge regarding the topic . The workshops usually start with the theoretical presentation of an expert, through numerous practical exercises on smartphones and end on a summary of classes. From the start, the workshops are very popular among seniors-each class gathers more than 20 participants.

The first two workshops (12 and 14th June), so called introductory, concentrated on basic information about mobile applications including such issues like:  what is the mobile application and how to download it; available free mobile applications; basic information on the use of the tablet and smartphone; creating an email account and a  gmail account and security  in the network.

The third workshop ( 24th June) was devoted to the possibilities of using informal support groups in social media and social media itself. The workshops were conducted by a marketing specialist from Medical University of Lodz, Mrs. Karolina Staroń, who talked about  the possibilities of using available social media in everyday life.

The next  two workshops (June 25 and 26, 2019) were concentrated on  administrative procedures related to health and the accompanying applications. The first day Mrs. Katarzyna Wielemborek – Musiał (specialist in nursing) gave a lecture about current administrative procedures in our country: vaccines for seniors,  security of patient data. The second day focused on practical use  of the portal:

The next round of workshops will start on September 3rd  and will last till 1st October. In November, Medical University of Lodz will organize a Hackathon involving the creation

of our own health application by seniors. Information on Hackathon events will be posted on our website. Stay tuned!

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