UB and IDIAP finalize the CitizenAct workshops in Barcelon

UB and IDIAP finalize the CitizenAct workshops in Barcelon

The University of Barcelona and the Jordi Gol Primary Care Research Institute (IDIAP Jordi Gol) completed the CitizenAct project workshops in Mataró (Barcelona) on 4 November 2019. This is the second part of the all the planned CitizenAct activities, consisting of 8 sessions that were given to a group of fifteen people in the same civic center of Pla d’en Boet. Each session was between 1 hour and a half and 3 hours long.

In the first session, a brief introduction to the project was given, questionnaires were administered to assess the initial level of the new participants and a general introduction was made related to the use of the internet in the different devices and how to locate the course content online on the Slideshare website.

During the following sessions different topics and related applications were discussed in relation with several topics such as nutrition, access to the personal medical history and management of the appointments and visiting hours in the healthcare centre, monitoring drug prescriptions, physical activity, geolocation, digital identity, digital security and privacy, etc. The last session took place on November 4th and consisted of a “mini Hackaton” where it was possible to share at a more homogeneous level the participants’ experiences in relation with the digital world and the possibilities of taking advantage of the tools that are within our reach.

The participants found the training activities very useful and the level of satisfaction was very high. In addition, the collaboration among the participants in the group was very enriching, contributing to the achievement of the formative objectives of the sessions. Connect to the Internet, expand your networks!

For more information: write to usrmnord@idiapjgol.info or call +34 937415185


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