E-Seniors launch its Citizens Act Workshops in Paris

E-Seniors launch its Citizens Act Workshops in Paris

E-Seniors launched its Citizen Act workshops in Paris on July 17th and July 19th 2019. The classes were held in the third district of Paris and the senior participants were welcomed at the Rue Au Maire activity center by three teachers from the association.

During the first session, in the morning of July 17th , the five senior participants had a general introduction about the use of tablets, smartphone and apps : what are the different exploitation systems available, how to connect to the internet, what is an app and how to download it.

During the second and third sessions, in the morning of July 19th, the ten attending participants learnt more about the creation of their profile on different apps and social media networks and they received tips about security and confidientiality settings.

Seniors appreciated the introduction to a tool they found very practical and useful and are excited for the next sessions which will be dedicated to the use of health and active-ageing apps and to the creation of those tools (Hackathons). The next classes will be held in September and October reaching 15 senior participants. The Hackathon, final event of the training, will reunite 50 senior and entrepreneur participants in November.

Stay tuned!

For more information: write to anais.fernandez95@gmail.com or call +33 1 40 33 49 26.


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