Description ESE

E-Seniors is a non-profit non-governmental organization, founded in 2005 by Monique EPSTEIN, the general manager of the association.  E-Seniors aims at fighting e-exclusion by providing access to and training in ICT to seniors and/or disabled people. Its main objectives are:

  • to bridge the digital gap between generations,
  • to foster seniors’ social participation,
  • to propose activities encouraging seniors to spend actively their free time.

Since its creation, E-Seniors have provided courses on ICT usage for seniors in various public locations and the association is constantly opening new locations all over the region in order to provide a “proximity” service that takes into account the rhythm, interests and needs of its potential audience. Through its work for elderly people and with them the organization also tries to increase awareness about the importance of ICT solutions in everyday life. E-Seniors propose also interactive gaming activities in residences for the elderly, retirement homes and day-care centres. Knowing the challenges facing seniors, healthy or dependant, E-Seniors invest resources in developing new applications and services to enable independent living as well as helping keep their physical and mental health.


Description EJU

The objective of E-Juniors is to offer younger citizens – particularly those who are e-excluded – opportunities to improve their digital skills, by proposing activities in addition to formal academic studies.

E-Juniors proposes activities aiming to encourage younger people to:

  • Spend free time in a productive and useful way,
  • Explore new applicable areas of interest
  • Inspire creativity and enhance vocational skills
  • Acquire hard and soft skills facilitating the inclusion in the labour world.

E-Juniors is involved in several European actions proposing new training curriculum for the youth based on the use of innovative ICT tools. In particular, the association organized training for younger people to become youth educators by proposing digital tools and innovative methods, such as online learning and blended learning. E-Juniors relies on a team of experienced ICT teachers who provide cutting-edge education about the latest ICT resources.

Moreover, E-Juniors has been involved in Erasmus+ and Europe for citizens projects, promoting the active citizenships in Europe and raising awareness about democratic processes among younger people to avoid radicalization and to boost active participation in the European civic life.