Co-creation event “Hackathon CitizenAct” in Paris organized on November 28th, 2019

Co-creation event “Hackathon CitizenAct” in Paris organized on November 28th, 2019

In the framework of the project CitizenAct, E-Seniors organized on the 28th of November, a co-creation event named Hackathon in collaboration with the city hall of the 3rd district in Paris. This event was held in a senior residency “Résidence Au Maire” and lasted one day.

In total, 50 participants attended this intergenerational day that gathered seniors, associations, start-up and digital professionals who co-created concepts and functionalities of mobile apps related to health & well-being that are better adapted to seniors’ expectations. The participants were divided in 5 groups corresponding to different topics, such as of nutrition, mobility, health data management, prevention and well-being.

After a creativity boost game “Super Heroes” for breaking the ice, groups discussed on seniors’ habits in order to identify specific needs and requirements, and then draw simple prototypes and pitched them to the rest of participants.

Seniors and professional participants really enjoyed this unique opportunity to meet and exchange for a whole day! This event was a great opportunity to better understand seniors’ needs and expectations towards mobile tools, to create tailored ideas and prototypes, but also to familiarize citizens in the co-creation of tools managing their own health and wellbeing and to receive support and guidance from professionals.

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