Co-creation event for seniors

Co-creation event for seniors

In the framework of the EIT project CitizenAct, Medical University of Lodz has organized on the 13,14 November 2019, a co-creation event for seniors. This two-day event was held in the Library of Medical University of Lodz and each day was attended by 50 participants. Beyond seniors the event gathered academic professionals, students, digital experts; representatives from local NGOS and start-ups as well. The event was conducted by an external company whose training expertise focuses on teaching design thinking methodology and helping in creating different solutions in that methodology.

Seniors were divided into 7 groups. Each group has been assisted by mentors/facilitators and a digital expert.

The first day of co-creation session focused on identifying specific needs and requirements of seniors’ medical needs and teaching seniors’ different methods of design thinking, including efficient communication. The day was filled by ice-breaking and creativity boosting exercises such as Super Heroes, Time Energizer Machine, sketch noting exercises. Additionally, seniors and other participants had a possibility to check how Virtual Reality works. This experience was very inspirational as it allowed seniors to go beyond thinking patterns.

The second day was to develop solutions regarding new mobile applications across the health of seniors. Seniors co-created ideas of new apps which would improve their health and overall their life being. Each group has prepared a protype of the apps and pitched them to the rest of participants. At the end of the day each participant has voted through a mobile application on their favorite.

Seniors and all participants enjoyed this two-day event. This was confirmed by the results of workshops attendance satisfaction survey – which revealed that such areas as organization, training activity and teaching methods were very highly scored.

The outcomes of the co-creation session were reported on video. Additionally, a promotional movie has been created.

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